Above Wisconsin offers professional real estate photography packages that will “WOW” your buyers and set you apart. The real estate marketplace is changing. Now more than ever, you have to show buyers and sellers what you bring to the table and how you add value. How do you set yourself apart and provide something different, something that no one else does? Above Wisconsin is all about game-changing technology that will differentiate your brand, help you win more listings, and sell homes faster. This immersive media solution is called Matterport.

Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer shopping for a home. You land on a realtor’s listing page and want to look around the house, and experience more than just photos. You want to create a connection with the home. You want to experience what it’s like to actually live there. You want to do your own research and show up ready to act. This is now possible with Matterport. Because it’s 3D, I can see the whole home from above in the dollhouse view, I can rotate it around and get a really good sense of the space and full perspective of property.

We are authorized Matterport Service Providers that service Wisconsin. We utilize a Matterport Pro2 3D MC250 camera to provide the highest quality scans. The possibilities are endless with each virtual tour. You can mouse over “virtual” icons within the tour called Matterport Tags, which creates an interactive experience with your client. Let your client engage with the 3D Space on your device. Let them walk through a space and experience what it’s like. Trust us – they will love it!

Country-Winds-Floor-Plan-1 schematic floor plan matterport
Generate schematic floor plans that are accurate to within 0.1%